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“When I hear of the death of someone in the military, I know that it is more than the death of one person, it is the death of many people, of the family, and that no words are the right words. Wives, children, grandchildren’s lives are torn apart, as in my family; there is a sadness that will linger for many years to come.”

Tina M. Aden

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Cope with Losing A Loved One

Cope with Losing A Loved One

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When we lose a loved one in wartime, it seems to be against the whole nature of things; we’re supposed to celebrate a 50th anniversary, outlive our children and grow up with our parents protecting us. Such losses can lead to feelings of abandonment or anger, in addition to deep sadness. There is also the additional sense of loss that comes with such challenges as having to move outside of the military community, taking children out of schools, finding oneself solely responsible for the family’s financial situation or being alone in old age. In such a turbulent time, it is important to remember that a grief shared is a grief halved. Many organizations can help. These include:

American Gold Star Mothers

Gold Star Wives of America

American Widow Project

The Soldiers Project

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Sons & Daughters In Touch (Vietnam War)

American WWII Orphans Network

Open to Hope

The Resources for Service Members & Families section of our website lists additional resources.

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