Alice Green


Alice Green is Emma’s younger sister. Frivolous and naïve, she is more focused on pretty dresses than the harsh realities of war. Alice has no idea that her secret beau, Confederate soldier Tom Fairfax, is a patient in their family hotel turned hospital. Her awareness of the truth and the extent of his psychological trauma is a sudden and harsh awakening to the horrors of war. As her sister Emma finds purpose at the Union hospital, young Alice will become the most extreme Confederate loyalist of them all.

AnnaSophia on Alice:

I think the reality of war and the hardship Alice endures and the heartbreaks she encounters sort of sober her up. I think the suddenness of everything just pushes her to the edge. She is on the brink of womanhood without realizing it. She’s trying to find her place in the world, and in a way, she sets herself up to fail by looking at the world as she wants to see it.

Actor bio

AnnaSophia Robb starred in "Soul Surfer" for which she received amazing reviews. Most recently she starred in "The Way, Way Back" directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash for Fox Searchlight. Last fall, she wrapped "A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island" opposite Dianna Agron, Minnie Driver and Frank Grillo. Robb also starred in “The Carrie Diaries” for the CW network, which is in its second season.

Meet the Green family, whose luxury hotel in Virginia has been converted to a hospital.
Emma Green

Emma Green

Emma, Alice's older sister, is a brash and entitled Southern girl on the cusp of womanhood. She rebelliously decides to minister to the wounded Confederate soldiers.

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