Anne Hastings


Nurse Anne Hastings is a controlling, seductive Englishwoman whose claim to fame is her experience working with Florence Nightingale in the Crimea. She lords it over the wards with her apparent expertise and airs and graces, leaving the more menial tasks to others—to the other nurses’ frustration. Although she has been carrying on a secret liaison with Dr. Hale, she enjoys flirting with Dr. Foster, seeing any doctor as a potential conquest. The arrival of the new head nurse, Mary Phinney, upsets the order of things, and Anne has no qualms about enlisting Dr. Hale in her various schemes to destroy her rival.

Tara on Anne:

Anne Hastings is a very professional and very proficient nurse, who studied under Florence Nightingale and delights in telling everybody that all the time. She ends up in this hospital, and then Mary comes in and is appointed official head nurse, which really does not make Anne happy. In fact, Anne is perpetually upset!

I hope that people take away a better understanding of the pastoral life of the Civil War, because we know a lot about the history of it, but no one has ever shined a lot on this particular aspect. Life in a military hospital was really hard, and the doctors and nurses fought really hard to keep these people alive.

Actor bio

British Actress Tara Summers is best known for her role as Katie Lloyd on David E. Kelley’s successful series “Boston Legal.” She has done numerous arcs on other critically acclaimed shows such as “Damages,” “Ringer” and “Sons of Anarchy,” in addition to being a series regular on Fox’s “Rake.” Summers was most recently seen recurring on the CBS drama “Stalker,” alongside Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott, and will next guest star on FX’s “You’re the Worst.”

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Posted by PBS on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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