Frank Stringfellow


Frank Stringfellow, a Confederate scout and spy, is Emma Green’s beau. Unbeknownst to his beloved, he is on a covert mission in Alexandria disguised as a dental assistant. Dashing, idealistic and reckless, Frank is caught up in the thrill of intrigue. He has yet to determine what is more important to him—his love for Emma or the Southern cause. He attracts the attention of the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret pro-slavery society dedicated to annexing a “golden circle” of territories, including Mexico and the Caribbean, to the Confederacy. Frank soon becomes embroiled in high-stakes terrorist activities that could affect his relationship with Emma.

Jack on Frank:

A big word that we’ve been using to describe Frank is fanatical, and I think that was in line with the times. There was this sort of energy that these young men felt, and that's why they ran to enlist, and they wanted to fight. They wanted to go to war. I think they soon found out how horrible the war really was.

I saw a lot of that fanatical energy in the letters between him and Emma that I was able to find at the Virginia Historical Society right in Richmond. I think there was this tension in our story between his allegiance to the cause and his love for Emma. The fact that I was able to hold those letters in my own hands was pretty insane, and really made me realize how real the story is that we are telling.

Actor bio

Jack Falahee has quickly established himself as a highly sought-after young actor. He currently stars in ABC’s hit drama series “How to Get Away With Murder” opposite Viola Davis. Falahee has garnered high praise from critics and fans alike for his portrayal of the ruthless and sexy “Connor Walsh.” He was named a breakout star of 2014 by BuzzFeed, Entertainment Weekly and The Wrap.

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