James “Jimmy” Green, Jr.


James “Jimmy” Green, Jr., Emma’s brother and the scion, is forced to stay home because of a clubfoot when he would rather be fighting with his childhood friends on the front lines. His father relies on him to help maintain their prosperity and standing in the community, yet treats him like a child. Jimmy is frustrated by his family’s perceived lack of respect for him and is determined to earn their recognition and appreciation.  

Brad on James, Jr.:

Jimmy Green Jr. is in a very difficult position. He’s a Southerner unable to fight as a soldier. He’s the heir to the Green estate, so most of the show takes place on his property, which has been occupied by Union soldiers, so he’s constantly surrounded by the enemy. He’s overlooked by his family and he’s very passionate in fighting for his honor. He is full of rage. He is insecure. He’s passionate and there’s a fire underneath him and a yearning to be the man of the house and to be the Southern gentleman that his forefathers more or less were.

I like his passion. I like that he never takes no for an answer. I respect his adversity in a range of challenges that face him and I think he’s a really eloquent, interesting character. He’s educated, he’s suave and he’s good under pressure, and he’s a little bit of a hothead in an exciting way.

Actor bio

Brad Koed made his Broadway debut in "Death of a Salesman," starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Andrew Garfield, directed by Mike Nichols. He received a Helen Hayes Award nomination for his work in Aaron Posner’s "Stupid [Expletive] Bird" (Woolly Mammoth, director Howard Shalwitz). Other theatre projects include "Romeo and Juliet" (Folger, director Aaron Posner), "Unnatural Acts" (Classic Stage Co., director Tony Speciale) and "Shipwrecked!" (Edinburgh Fringe Fest).

Films include the indies Julia and Kimberly Levin’s "Runoff." A Massachusetts native, Koed is an enthusiastic New England sports fan, particularly the Bruins, having played ice hockey for 12 years. He enjoys great music, particularly blues and classic rock, and is a talented guitarist/songwriter. His favorite books include "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and "Franny and Zooey." He received his BFA in Acting from Syracuse University and currently lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Meet the Green family, whose luxury hotel in Virginia has been converted to a hospital.
James Green, Sr.

James Green, Sr.

James Green, Sr. is the patriarch of the Green family and keeper of its fortune. He is the husband of Jane Green and a father of three.

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