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It has become something of a journalistic commonplace to refer to the United States as one of the most religious nations in the world. Americans do attend religious services much more often than do their European counterparts. But the number of Americans who label themselves non-religious is growing. What are the numbers surrounding religion in the United States?

Where do Americans put their faith?
Find out Where Americans Put Their Faith
Census figures show that 43 percent of Americans regularly attend worship services (weekly or more). In addition, Americans also say that religion is quite important in their political lives. In late July of 2004 the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life issued its fourth annual survey of American religious attitudes. The study found that 39 percent of those surveyed say that religion is very important in their political thinking. Add that to the 24 percent who say it's "somewhat important" and you get a clear majority.

Tell us where you place yourself on the broad spectrum of belief and doubt.

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