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Bruce Fein by Robin Holland
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August 10, 2007

Since our July 13th impeachment panel featuring conservative scholar Bruce Fein and liberal journalist John Nichols, our blog and email boxes have been overflowing with your comments as you've added your voice to the conversation:

Ethel, July 13, 2007:

After watching tonight's Bill Moyers program, I think for the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful. There is a solution! For the last five years, I have been watching and listening and feeling rather isolated in my frustration and disgust. Impeachment is the solution for this federal insanity.

Carol Taylor, July 14, 2007:

Thank you Mr. Moyers for the re-education about the Constitution. I have already written to Nancy Pelosi. This program is just what we need to hear.

Lee Partide, July 14, 2007:

One sided and misleading. Bill Moyers is a good presenter and very smooth, but what is frightening is the power he and the media exercise by presenting information that neglects so many facts, and does not present rebuttal by the myriad others who can refute claims made on this show, and point out their dangers. I am NO Bush fan, but your show edges on appalling by misrepresentations. One can see how far this has gone by reading how many people in media (and thus among the population) compare Bush to such people as Hitler. That kind of extremism presented under the guise of objective journalism is what is MOST scary in our culture.

SR, July 15, 2007:

I am not nearly as articulate as your bloggers, however, I was compelled to say something...I was raised to respect our leaders, our elders and one another. To trust in our government and have faith in our religion...What has happened to the America we once knew?...We the American people can no LONGER hide our heads in the sand-- we cannot rely on our political leaders to help us out of this peril...Thank you SO MUCH for airing this show.

Ken, July 14, 2007:

I just caught the end of your show waiting for the British comedies to come on. What a bunch of crap! The democrats don't have the guts to stop the war or impeach Bush or Cheney. What congress should do is remove public funding for this show and send it to the troops in the war.

Due to popular demand, this episode is replaying in many parts of the country this week. Check your local listings here.

We invite you to add to the above conversation on the blog.

Bruce Fein
Bruce Fein, Photo by Robin Holland Bruce Fein is an internationally recognized expert on Constitutional law. Graduating from Harvard Law School in 1972, Fein became the assistant director of the Office of Legal Policy in the U.S. Department of Justice. Shortly after that, Fein became the associate deputy attorney general under former President Ronald Reagan.

His political law career would take him to various outlets, including general counsel of the Federal Communications Commission, followed by an appointment as research director for the Joint Congressional Committee on Covert Arms Sales to Iran. Mr. Fein has been an adjunct scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, a resident scholar at the Heritage Foundation, a lecturer at the Bookings Institute, and an adjunct professor at George Washington University.

Fein has also penned a number of volumes on United States Constitution, Supreme Court, and international law, as well as assisted three dozen countries in constitutional revision, including Russia, Spain, South Africa, Iraq, Cyprus, and Mozambique.

Fein currently writes weekly columns for THE WASHINGTON TIMES and CAPITOL LEADER, and a bi-weekly column for the LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER devoted to legal and international affairs.

John Nichols
John Nichols, author and political journalist has been writing the "Online Beat" for THE NATION magazine since 1999. John Nichols, Photo by Robin Holland Nichols also serves as Washington correspondent for THE NATION, as well as the associate editor of the CAPITAL TIMES, the daily newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin and a contributing writer for THE PROGRESSIVE and IN THESE TIMES.

Along with fellow author Robert McChesney, Nichols co-founded the media-reform group Free Press. Nichols has also authored several books, including JEWS FOR BUCHANAN, which analyzed the recount vote of 2000, and DICK: THE MAN WHO IS PRESIDENT, his best-selling biography of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Nichols most recent book, THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT, argues that impeachment is an essential instrument of America's democratic system. Nichols' argument also bases the power of impeachment in the hands of the people, rather than the congress. In his recent article, "In Praise of Impeachment," Nichols argues "While the Constitution handed Congress the power to officially check such despotism, Jefferson and his colleagues fully expected the American people to be the champions of the application of the rule of law to an errant executive."

Guest photos by Robin Holland

References and Reading:
The Impeachment Debate Continues:

The Dumbest Move the Dems Could Make
By Michael Tomasky, WASHINGTON POST, August 5, 2007
"Of course, new bombshells could change all that. But for now, impeachment advocates are urging Democrats to start a fight they'd lose."

Forget about a Bush impeachment -- it's Gonzales
By Dan Gerstein, THE POLITICO, August 1, 2007
"If they [Democrats] want to show the faithful their spine, not to mention do the country a tremendous service, they should lower their sights just a little more and file articles against our completely discredited Attorney General."

Warrantless Wiretaps Expanded
By Tom A. Peter, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, August 7, 2007
"Although a number of Democrats in the House of Representatives had doubts about the new law, they caved under threats from the president to force congressmen to stay in session until they created a version of the law to which he could agree."

Bill Calls for Gonzales Impeachment Inquiry
ASSOCIATED PRESS, August 1, 2007
"Rep. Dennis Moore (D-Kan.), a co-sponsor of the measure, said the investigation was warranted given the questions about whether Gonzales misled Congress in testimony about the firing of eight U.S. attorneys and about a secret government eavesdropping program."

Bush Asserts a King's Prerogative
by Jay Bookman, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, July, 25 2007
"At the moment, the president's penchant for ignoring laws he finds inconvenient is best displayed in the standoff with Congress over subpoenas. Congress has demanded the sworn testimony of White House officials as part of an investigation into the Justice Department; the White House is refusing to allow that testimony, citing executive privilege."

Bush Invokes Executive Privilege for Rove in Attorney Firings
by Greg Gordon, MCCLATCHY, August 1, 2007
"Ratcheting up the stakes in a legal battle with Congress, President Bush on Wednesday ordered White House adviser Karl Rove and a senior political aide to refuse on grounds of executive privilege to testify before the Senate on the firings of nine U.S. attorneys."

Why Pelosi Opposes Impeachment
by Ari Berman, THE NATION, July 31, 2007
"If she were not in the House--and not Speaker of the House--Nancy Pelosi says she 'would probably advocate' impeaching President Bush."

FISA: Communication Breakdown
TPM MUCKRAKER, August 7, 2007
"Taking advantage of the difficulty many experts have in understanding Sunday's revision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Bush administration is pleading exasperation with misunderstandings of the law."

posted August 10, 2007
Also This Week:

Back by popular demand, BILL MOYERS JOURNAL explores the talk of impeachment with Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein, who wrote the first article of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, and THE NATION's John Nichols, author of THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT.

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