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February 6, 2009

Two Centuries of Lincoln
View a photo essay of America's number one icon.
January 30, 2009

Vartan Gregorian from BILL MOYERS A WORLD OF IDEAS
Bill Moyers talks the twelfth president of Carnegie Corporation of New York Vartan Gregorian about the perilous state of higher education in America. Gregorian is the former president of the New York Public Library and Brown University.
Topic(s): culture, education
January 2, 2009

John Lithgow
Actor John Lithgow. He's played heroes, villains, saints, sinners, a ballet-dancing elephant, and a space alien, now actor and children's author John Lithgow ? best known as Dick Solomon from NBC's hit show 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN ? reveals a new side of himself ... poetry lover
December 26, 2008

Beyond Our Differences
Bill Moyers Journal presents the film BEYOND OUR DIFFERENCES which explores the common threads that unify the world's religious traditions.
December 5, 2008

Playing for Change
Bill Moyers talks with Mark Johnson, the producer of a remarkable documentary about the simple but transformative power of music.
November 7, 2008

Moyers on Terkel and Leonard
A Bill Moyers essay on the loss of Studs Terkel and John Leonard.
October 24, 2008

Playing for Change
Bill Moyers talks with Mark Johnson, the producer of a remarkable documentary about the simple but transformative power of music.
September 12, 2008

Rage on the Radio
What happens when America's airwaves fill with hate? BILL MOYERS JOURNAL takes a tough look at the hostile industry of "Shock Jock" media with a hard-hitting examination of its effects on our nation's political discourse.
August 29, 2008

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State: Merle and Earl Black on Southern and Swing State Politics
Bill Moyers speaks with political analysts Merle and Earl Black, who've tracked the American electorate for years. They will discuss how American demographics ? particularly votes from the Southern and the swing states, such as Ohio and Pennsylvania ? will influence the campaign and the election.
August 8, 2008

Moyers on 2008 Interactive Map
BILL MOYERS JOURNAL will stay on the news cycle throughout the 2008 election. Here at MOYERS ON 2008, you can explore big ideas on our issue pages and then respond with your local insights on our interactive map.
July 11, 2008

Deepening the American Dream
A Web-only project that features essays and videos of some of Moyers? notable guests laying out their vision for the future of the American dream.
June 20, 2008

Moyers on Juneteenth
A Bill Moyers essay.
June 13, 2008

Steve Fraser on Gilded Ages
Steve Fraser, historian and author of WALL STREET: AMERICA'S DREAM PALACE, discusses the modern parallels and differences to the first Gilded Age, the big disparity between the rich and poor, and the increasing strain on working Americans.
February 29, 2008

Viewer Mail
You've been writing and we've been reading. Revisit past JOURNAL stories
February 15, 2008

Susan Jacoby
Bill Moyers talks with Susan Jacoby about her new book, THE AGE OF AMERICAN UNREASON.
February 1, 2008

Government Waste
GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT BILL MOYERS JOURNAL examines the reality of waste and abuse of power in Washington with a look at the investigations being conducted by Congress's Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
Power Reading
What one book should the winner take to the White House?
January 11, 2008

Margin of Error: Poll Watching Tips
from the moyers files
Fourteen questions you need to ask before trusting the numbers, the history of polling and an interview with the founding father of public opinion research, Daniel Yankelovich, from the MOYERS DIGITAL ARCHIVE.
December 21, 2007

America on Steroids: A Bill Moyers Essay
A Bill Moyers essay on baseball, the media and American excess.
Benjamin R. Barber
Bill Moyers sits down with author and professor Benjamin Barber to discuss how he believes capitalism threatens American democracy.
Update Required

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Bill Moyers sat down with Archbishop Tutu in 1999 to discuss his chairmanship of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

February 11, 2010 is the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prision.

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