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February 8, 2008

Moyers on Taxi to the Dark Side
Bill Moyers on a new documentary that explores America's debate over torture.
October 26, 2007

Another Church Committee?
Is FISA, and it's recent amendments, an unnecessary limitation on the executive branch's ability to conduct comprehensive intelligence programs? Or do you think we need a modern-day Church Committee?
Power and the Presidency
Bill Moyers talks with constitutional law professor Charles Fried and lawyer and author Fritz Schwarz on the growing power of the executive branch.
The Church Committee and FISA
The post-Watergate Church Committee led to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). What's next for domestic intelligence?
September 14, 2007

9/11 Commission Recommendations
Review the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and check on the progress of implementation
9/11 For the Record
Review the 9/11 Commission's findings on events and intelligence available before the 9/11 attacks and review new reports.
9/11 For the Record: Interactive Timeline
This interactive timline lets you review the 9/11 Commission's findings on events and intelligence available before the 9/11 attacks sources include the relevant documents, contemporary news coverage and new reports.
U.S. Intelligence Community
Investigate the history of U.S. intelligence services and review post 9/11 changes.
September 7, 2007

Jack L. Goldsmith
Former head of the Office of Legal Counsel under George W. Bush, Jack L. Goldsmith, discusses the Administration's expanded view of executive power.
License to Spy
Bill Moyers talks with former Congressman Mickey Edwards and ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero about revisions to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
As former head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice, Jack Goldsmith was responsible for advising President Bush on what he could and could not do legally -- Read a preview of his book THE TERROR PRESIDENCY.
Surveillance of the people, for the the people?
The discussion on the delicate balance between national security and the protection of civil liberties continues with the JOURNAL interview of Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union and former Republican congressman Mickey Edwards.
July 27, 2007

Al Qaeda and Iraq
Who exactly is the enemy in Iraq and how does al Qaeda fit in? Bill Moyers talks with West Point Instructor, Brian Fishman, and Middle Eastern and International Affairs Professor Fawaz Gerges, discussing the growing power of al Qaeda and its connections to the war in Iraq.
Where best can the US fight al Qaeda?
Viewers weigh in on intelligence matters, terror and the war in Iraq.
June 8, 2007

Christian Parenti on Afghanistan
Journalist Christian Parenti, just back from his fourth visit to the forgotten frontline, speaks to Moyers about the growing influence of warlords in government and the resurgence of the Taliban
May 4, 2007

Carlo Bonini and the Yellowcake Affair
Bill Moyers sits down with Carlo Bonini, Italy's foremost investigative reporter, on his role in uncovering the "yellowcake" forgeries prominent in Iraq pre-war intelligence.
April 26, 2007

Landay and Strobel Talk Back
McClatchy reporters Jonathan Landay and Warren Stobel answer viewer questions submitted after the broadcast of "Buying the War."
April 25, 2007

Bill's Column: John Walcott Speech
John Walcott, Washington Bureau Chief of Knight Ridder's speech in which he wrestles with how the Iraq war was mishandled:
Buying the War
How did the mainstream media get it so wrong in the lead up to the Iraq War?
Buying the War: Additional Interviews: David Albright
David Albright is a physicist, is President of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) in Washington DC. in his position as a former Iraqi weapons inspector and director of ISIS, he was a source for many in the media during the run up to Iraq.
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Bill Moyers sat down with Archbishop Tutu in 1999 to discuss his chairmanship of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

February 11, 2010 is the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prision.

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