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April 23, 2010

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps
As Big Telecom tightens its grip over broadband, is your access to the Web at risk? Bill Moyers talks with FCC commissioner Michael Copps to discuss the future of 'net neutrality', the fight for more democratic media and the future of journalism in the digital age.
May 15, 2009

Moyers on Twitter
Bill Moyers contemplates the pressing question, "To tweet or not to tweet?"
April 17, 2009

Stopping the Presses
The newspaper morgue is no longer just back issues ? it's holds growing number of defunct papers around the nation. Get the stats on the changing media landscape. And, Bill Moyers and David Simon reflect on what happened to the news business.
April 3, 2009

Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman
Bill Moyers talks with alternative media heavyweights Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman about what can and can?t be addressed in big corporate media. Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald are the first recipients of the Park Center for Independent Media Izzy Award (named for I.F. Stone). Find out more about I.F. Stone's life and legacy.
February 13, 2009

Following the Money
Online tools for tracking stimulus plan dollars.
February 6, 2009

Glenn Greenwald and Jay Rosen
Is the old media sustaining the old politics? News and analysis with NYU journalism professor and PressThink blogger Jay Rosen and political journalist and blogger Glenn Greenwald
September 12, 2008

Campaign Media Analysis
Media experts Brooke Gladstone and Les Payne take stock of how the media have fared in the 2008 cycle. Do political partisans on both sides prefer propaganda to the facts
Web Exclusive: The Blogger's Tale
A Web exclusive interview with Chinese blogger Michael Anti. Microsoft gave into government pressure to shut down his site in 2005. He spoke with JOURNAL producer Jessica Wang in August 2008.
August 22, 2008

Web Exclusive: Tiger Temple Blogger
Tiger Temple" as Zhang Shihe is known on the Internet, publishes his blog "24 Hours Online" from Beijing, speaking out about the plight of the displaced, the abuse of migrant workers, and the growing environmental problems plaguing the country.
February 29, 2008

Kathleen Hall Jamieson on Campaign Ads
As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama make their appeals to "lunchbox voters" in Ohio and Texas, expert on media and politics Kathleen Hall Jamieson analyzes the messages on the campaign trail in the lead up to potentially decisive primaries.
December 21, 2007

Web Exclusive Update: The FCC Vote
Producer Peter Meryash and Correspondent Rick Karr analyze the recent FCC vote and discuss what's next.
December 14, 2007

Massing of the Media - FCC Update
A report on the debate around relaxing ownership rules and a look at the real-world implications of increasing cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcast outlets in the same markets.
December 7, 2007

New Media, Political Discourse, and the 2008 Elections
What do you think? How is new media impacting the 2008 Presidential race? Will Internet activism be an effective way to marshal votes in primaries and elections? Is new media a net positive or negative for the nationís political discourse?
Politics 2.0: Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Bill Moyers talks with Kathleen Hall Jamieson about how the Internet has transformed the political campaign in the United States.
Poll: Where do you get your election news?
Where do you receive most of your news on the 2008 presidential candidates?
November 2, 2007

Is the Internet the antidote to media consolidation? by Rick Karr
Correspondent Rick Karr on the Internet's role in the modern media landscape.
August 24, 2007

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps on Media's Future
Bill Moyers talks with FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps about the state of media consolidation and net neutrality.
Poll:Net Freedom or Net Limitation
Do you think limiting competition for the Internet could have a negative effect on the expansion of new web technologies?
April 27, 2007

Blogging for Truth: Josh Marshall
Popular political blogger Josh Marshall from gives the Journal his perspective on the role of politics in the recent firings of federal prosecutors.
Open-Source Journalism
Blog discussion of the uses of collaboration on the internet by journalists and others.
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Bill Moyers sat down with Archbishop Tutu in 1999 to discuss his chairmanship of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

February 11, 2010 is the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prision.

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