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April 4, 2008

Ask Dominic MacSorley...
Dominic MacSorley, Emergency Director of the international aid organization CONCERN WORLDWIDE, and the struggle to bring relief to war-torn Congo. He answers your questions on the Blog.
March 7, 2008

Producer's Note from Marc Shaffer
Marc Shaffer talks about the two shows he has produced on earmarks for the EXPOSÉ: AMERICA'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS.
SEATTLE TIMES Reporter David Heath Answers Your Questions
DAVID HEATH, an investigative reporter at THE SEATTLE TIMES, answered viewer questions posed after the airing of a report on earmarks from EXPOSÉ: AMERICA'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS on the JOURNAL.
February 22, 2008

Ask the Reporter and Producer
SEATTLE TIMES reporter David Heath and EXPOSÉ Producer Marc Shaffer take questions on the blog.
January 4, 2008

Do Debates Matter?
Get history of presidential debates and then tell us if they matter to you on the blog.
Topic(s): blog, campaign, media
December 14, 2007

Media Consolidation: What happens after the FCC vote?
Rick Karr's update on the coming FCC decision.
Topic(s): blog, media
Obama and His Base
Can a Presidential candidate, searching for a multi-racial national base in order to be elected, avoid alienating his/her own minority base?
December 7, 2007

New Media, Political Discourse, and the 2008 Elections
What do you think? How is new media impacting the 2008 Presidential race? Will Internet activism be an effective way to marshal votes in primaries and elections? Is new media a net positive or negative for the nation’s political discourse?
Poll: Where do you get your election news?
Where do you receive most of your news on the 2008 presidential candidates?
November 23, 2007

Bill Moyers Asks: What is the Meaning of the Nooses?
Bill Moyers put the following question to Dr. James Cone: BILL MOYERS: How do you explain the current spate of the appearances of the noose again? Up comes this story right here from the suburbs of New York -- a noose found in the basement locker room of the village police department. The deputy chief of police is black. And then you've got Jena and you've got what happened at Columbia [University], near your office. Do you think these people understand what that's the symbol of? Of what actually happened to human beings when that noose was placed around the neck? Or is this just some kind of grim game?
Topic(s): blog, race
November 16, 2007

Ask Manuel Vásquez...
After watching Bill Moyers' interview with sociologist and religious scholar Manuel Vásquez, do you have further questions about immigration policy? What are the current options on the table? What would his ideal program look like?
Media Consolidation: A primer on making your opinion heard
Media Consolidation: A primer on making your opinion heard by Rick Karr.
Topic(s): blog, media
November 2, 2007

News Polarization & Ethnic Media
Does news coverage from specific ethnic media outlets for specific ethnic groups contribute to the polarization of the news? Do ethnic media serve their communities in ways the mainstream media can’t? If so, how?
Topic(s): blog, media, race
The Missing Class
Do you have stories of “missing” individuals and families? How is this class represented in your community?
October 26, 2007

Another Church Committee?
Is FISA, and it's recent amendments, an unnecessary limitation on the executive branch's ability to conduct comprehensive intelligence programs? Or do you think we need a modern-day Church Committee?
Jeremy Scahill Answers Your Questions
Developments in the Blackwater story and Jeremy Schaill answers viewer questions.
October 19, 2007

Ask Jeremy Scahill...
Jeremy Scahill , who has been covering Blackwater for more than three years, do questions still linger about this complicated issue?
October 12, 2007

Difference, Dissent and Tyranny
Bill Moyers asks Professor Majid: You can't have a conversation with somebody who doesn't think you're human, a conversation with somebody who wants to kill you, somebody who thinks you're subhuman, somebody whose purpose is to manipulate you, right?
Topic(s): blog, politics, religion
Moral Hazards and the Fed
Between widespread controversy over Chairman Bernanke’s recent interest rate cut, Alan Greenspan’s recent best-selling book, and criticism of the Federal Reserve on the campaign trail (including some suggestions that it be eliminated altogether), the Fed has become a hot topic.
October 5, 2007

An American Depression?
Are Americans yearning for some new philosophy to fill a void left by mainstream politics? Besides Christian Zionism, do you see any signs of other movements beginning to fill this void?
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Bill Moyers sat down with Archbishop Tutu in 1999 to discuss his chairmanship of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

February 11, 2010 is the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prision.

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