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January 22, 2010

Moyers on Haiti
A Bill Moyers essay. And, find out where to get up-to-the-minute information on the situation and relief efforts online. And, read more from poet Danielle Georges.
January 15, 2010

Greg Mortenson,
Author and humanitarian Greg Mortenson, whose best-selling books THREE CUPS OF TEA and STONES INTO SCHOOLS argue that education is the best way to peace in Afghanistan and across the Islamic world.
Moyers on Priorities
A Bill Moyers Essay.
October 16, 2009

The JOURNAL on Community Organizers
Explore a video collection of JOURNAL profiles of people who are making a difference in their communities.
September 25, 2009

Kavita Ramdas of the Global Fund for Women
Kavita Ramdas, president and CEO of Global Fund for Women, the largest grant-making foundation focused exclusively on women's rights issues talks about human rights initiatives around the world.
September 11, 2009

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
Global health specialist and Dartmouth College president Dr. Jim Yong Kim shares his expertise in public health.
Nancy Youssef on Afghanistan
The JOURNAL takes a hard look at the state of affairs in ever-divided Afghanistan with McClatchy DC Pentagon correspondent Nancy Youssef.
Picturing the Costs of War
Photo journalists on the course and aftermath of war.
May 29, 2009

The Geneva Conventions
Explore the history of the Geneva Conventions.
January 16, 2009

Bill Moyers Responds to Viewer Comments
Bill Moyers responds to viewer feedback about his essay on violence in the Middle East.
National Service Day - Born Again American
Find out more about the Born Again American film and project and get back to basics by reviewing America's founding documents and the idea of a national day of service.
December 26, 2008

Beyond Our Differences
Bill Moyers Journal presents the film BEYOND OUR DIFFERENCES which explores the common threads that unify the world's religious traditions.
May 16, 2008

From the Farm Bill to the situation in Sadr City ? updates on JOURNAL stories.
April 11, 2008

David Beckmann: Bread for the World
Bill Moyers talks with the president of Bread for the World about the challenges of combatting hunger.
Hunger in America
Why are America's food banks suffering shortages? Find out what you can do to help.
April 4, 2008

Ask Dominic MacSorley...
Dominic MacSorley, Emergency Director of the international aid organization CONCERN WORLDWIDE, and the struggle to bring relief to war-torn Congo. He answers your questions on the Blog.
Congo - 100 Years of Darkness
View a slideshow of images from The Democratic Republic of Congo by noted photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale. Also, delve into the history of the troubled land a country almost one-fourth the size of the US.
May 3, 2002

The story of Dominic MacSorley of the humanitarian aid agency Concern Worldwide. He's part of the battle to feed the starving people of Afghanistan and fighting to make a difference in the rebuilding of a nation.
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Bill Moyers sat down with Archbishop Tutu in 1999 to discuss his chairmanship of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

February 11, 2010 is the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prision.

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