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Special Feature: Reforming Health Care
Cartoon: Morgan blowing up bubbles.
Health care reform is now law — specifically, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. However, both the Republican Party and advocates for single-payer plans are vowing that the fight is nowhere near finished.

In the video player below you can find BILL MOYERS JOURNAL's complete and continuing coverage of the health care reform debate. Links below that will take you to the program pages that contain a wealth of resources and information about specific issues.

Additionally, you'll find resources for making sense of the debate, including tips for following the money and a detailed comparison of the plans currently under consideration.

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Rachel CarsonFRONTLINE: "Sick Around the World"
FRONTLINE travels to five other wealthy capitalist democracies — Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and Switzerland — to find out how they provide health care to all of their citizens far a fraction of the cost of the U.S. system.
References and Reading:
The Kaiser Family Foundation
The Foundation's interactive side-by-side health reform comparison tool now reflects the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law Tuesday and the reconciliation changes that passed the House and are being considered in the Senate this week. The online tool allows users to quickly compare the law with the reconciliation changes, as well as with other reform proposals put forward over the past year. The Foundation's interactive calculator also reflects the provisions of the new law. Health Care Health Care Policy News

The Language of Health Care 2009 (PDF)
The Frank Luntz memo strategizing opposition to health care reform Bill Moyers mentions in the interview.

GOP Health Care Strategy (PDF)
Strategy memo by Alex Castellanos dated July 7, 2009.

The Congressional Budget Office
This listing includes all of CBO's publications on health. A special collection on health also includes background information, cost estimates, and presentation.

PBS Newshour: Health Reform

Following the Money: Health Care
Use this BILL MOYERS JOURNAL guide to trace campaign contributions, ad spending and the revolving door between industry and government.

Washington Lobbying Giants Cash in on Health Reform Debate
The Center for Public Integrity totals up the amount spent on lobbying over the health care issue and finds a record amount spent. "About 1,750 businesses and organizations hired about 4,525 lobbyists, total eight for each member of Congress and spent at least $1.2 billion to influence health care bills and other issues, according to a Center analysis of disclosure documents."
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