Based on Joan Nathan's award-winning cookbook, Jewish Cooking in America, the television series uses food to explore Jewish culture and history in the United States. Criss-crossing the country, Nathan visits the kitchens of celebrities, chefs and other great Jewish cooks who share wonderful stories and recipes with a rich heritage that goes back through the ages.

Episode One:    Sabbath: Friday Night Dinner and a Day of Rest

Episode Two:    The Borscht Belt

Episode Three:    Brisket: The Jewish Pot Roast

Episode Four:    Sukkot: The Fall Harvest Festival

Episode Five:    The Dairy Meal: Hold the Pastrami, Please

Episode Six:    Everybody Likes Cheesecake

Episode Seven:    Jewish Roots in Early America

Episode Eight:    What is Kosher?

Episode Nine:    The Nosh: Jewish Fast Food

Episode Ten:    Hanukkah: Olive Oil and Freedom

Episode Eleven:    The Smoked & Pickled Appetizing Store

Episode Twelve:    Goodbye, Columbus: Food for the Jewish Celebration

Episode Thirteen:    What am I, Chopped Liver?

Episode Fourteen:    Vegetarian--Who Knew?

Episode Fifteen:    New Age Jewish Cooking

Episode Sixteen:    Jewbano: Jewish Cuban Cuisine

Episode Seventeen:    Purim, The Holiday of Pastry

Episode Eighteen:    America's Great Delis: A Tour of Then and Now

Episode Nineteen:    Bagels & Bialys

Episode Twenty:    L'Chaim: Kosher Wine

Episode Twenty-One:    Chicken Soup/Sink or Swim

Episode Twenty-Two:    The Food of Passover

Episode Twenty-Three:    A Penchant for Smoked Fish

Episode Twenty-Four:    The Jewish Baker

Episode Twenty-Five:    Diaspora Chicken

Episode Twenty-Six:    Jewish Pot Luck

A national co-production of Maryland Public Television (MPT), Frappe Inc., and Joan Nathan

Executive Producer:
John Potthast

Executive Producer/Director:
Charles Pinsky

Executive Producer/Host:
Joan Nathan

Coordinating Producer:
Margaret Sullivan

"Andy Statman: Traditional Sounds of Jewish Klezmer Music" by Sony Classical. Includes the main theme of JEWISH COOKING IN AMERICA WITH JOAN NATHAN. Call 800-235-3000.

Joseph S and Diane H Steinberg Charitable Trust, Hebrew National, Lender's Bagel Bakery, and various private foundations and individuals.

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