Traditional Jewish cooking has its classics just like any other cuisine. Top among them are Ashkenazic potato latkes. In this episode Joan goes into the kitchen of a great chef to find what may be in fact the ultimate potato pancake and visits a great home cook turned baker to explore schnecken - the ultimate German-Jewish-American sticky bun. Daniel Boulud is chef and owner of Restaurant Daniel, Cafe Boulud and DB and is recognized as the creme de la creme in the culinary world. His Crique Stephanoise, a vegetable classic, is a wafer-thin potato pancake cooked in olive oil with nothing to hold it together but the potato itself. For flavor he throws is some black olives and chives and serves Joan a hot, crispy latke like no other . Mark Furstenberg is a businessman/baker who brought good bread to Washington DC at Bread Line, his bakery and restaurant. Joan visits him today as he creates schnecken, the delicious sweet roll which is a traditional Saturday morning treat in German Jewish homes. As a perfectionist baker, Mark Furstenberg's sweet rolls are overflowing with nuts, honey, and cinnamon.

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