Rose Zawid and her husband Jack never thought they would one day run a boarding house in Atlantic City. They spent so much of their youth during the Holocaust in Poland hiding from certain death in water-soaked basements. It seemed beyond the reach of their dreams that they would one day come to America and raise a family. Through a series of chance events, relocations from Baltimore to New York City - factory jobs - even a chicken ranch in New Jersey , they found themselves running a highly popular kosher boarding house in sunny Atlantic City, playing host to Jewish families and celebrities, enjoying their seashore vacations. Rose starred in the kitchen and Jack played host up front seeing to the guest accommodations. Some fifty years later, the business has evolved into a catering concern, and Rose still stars in the kitchen. She shows Joan how to make her famous onion poppy seed rolls. Ella Gilkis represents a newer group of immigrant. Ella came to America only twenty-five years ago from Heidekov, a small town near Kiev in the Ukraine. She tells Joan stories about her life in Russia and her appreciation for her new home as she cooks a dish of sweet and sour salmon with tomatoes and lemon.

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