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The about page is the promo page. The promo page goes live on Monday, Nov 2

On this page, you see:

  • logo & tagline
  • promo video
  • about the project
  • disclaimer (only here for promo–will go to own page for full site)
  • email sign-up
  • links to follow us on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and maybe MySpace–confirm with Stacy)
  • social media toolbar
  • RSS
  • Funder credits: CPB and Sylvia Gosselin (see question above–might have these on every page, or just on home page)

On this page, you can:

  • watch the promo clip
  • comment & rate the promo clip (note: comment box needs to remind you to be 13 or older) not for promo, hopefully for about?
  • click on “embed” widget to place video on your site
  • read about the project
  • read the disclaimer (note: we will move disclaimer to its own page when site launches–only here for Promo)
  • give us your email address so we can contact you when project launches
  • click on links to follow us on: facebook, myspace, twitter (anything else?)
  • click on social media toolbar to share this page
  • click on RSS

This phase of the MyType2 project has ended, and comments are now closed. You can continue the conversation about living with diabetes by connecting with organizations like American Diabetes Association, dLife, and TuDiabetes