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This phase of the MyType2 project has ended, and comments are now closed. You can continue the conversation about living with diabetes by connecting with organizations like American Diabetes Association, dLife, and TuDiabetes


  1. jessica says:

    hey just saw this, how come your the only person who doesnt have two videos, hmm wellll goodluck stupid monkey :)

  2. Auntie Cheryl says:

    Hello Beautiful Lady,
    I’m so excited to see you doing this video regarding your prediabetes. You should be very very proud of yourself. Iam anything I can ever do to help please let me know. However, your doing an amazing job by yourself with Mom of course. I’m so proud to be your Aunt and i’m particularly excited that your going to be a nurse Because when I get old your the only personi’ll trust to take care of me. Your going to be the prettiest and smartest nurse in the world.
    I love you auntie Cheryl forever


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