Veterans' Stories

A young woman and a Vietnam vet who served with her father share their story.

“National Salute to Veterans” featured a story of a friendship between a young woman and a Vietnam veteran; a heartfelt tribute to our wounded warriors for their bravery and service to country; and a look at how veterans and their families are coping with the enduring, and often invisible, wounds of war.


Michelle Baugh and Chuck Gregoire’s Story

Image - S2_2_2_SPur370.jpgMichelle Baugh was only 3 months old when her father was killed in Vietnam. She grew up not knowing anything about her father — and with a big hole in her life. When veteran Chuck Gregoire, who had served with Michelle’s father, got the courage to get in touch, he changed both their lives forever.


Jonathan Pruden's Story

Image - S2_2_3_SPur076.jpgIn July 2003, retired Army Capt. Jonathan Pruden was one of the first improvised explosive device (IED) victims of the Iraq war. Over the next two years, he had 20 surgeries at seven different hospitals. Jonathan has dedicated himself to working with other wounded servicemen and women through the Wounded Warrior Project.


Michael Martin's Story

Image - S2_2_4_LSG0890.jpgRetired Army Spc. Michael Martin was driving in a truck convoy in Iraq when he hit an IED. The bomb blast threw the windshield into his face and flipped his vehicle repeatedly. He was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet, he cares for his kids and has become a dedicated househusband.