Honor a Veteran

Javier Colon, winner of “The Voice,” sings “Stand by Me” in support of America’s veterans.

It is especially important for the younger generation to hear personal accounts
and gain an appreciation for the past and the service of our veterans.

— Corbin B. Willis, veteran of World War II

Share a story in tribute to a loved one or friend who served in America’s armed forces. Honor the legacy of our treasured veterans.

To upload a photo to accompany your tribute, use the “Image” button to the lower left of your comment box. Or submit a video by uploading it to YouTube and copy/pasting the URL of your YouTube video into the box below, together with your comment. State the name of the person you are honoring and share your tribute. Don’t forget to look directly into the camera!

Veterans: Those of you who have served our country have a valuable legacy to share. Each veteran’s experience is an important part of history that should be passed on to future generations. Please visit the National Memorial Day Concert Web site to share a personal account of your service.

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