Around the Nation


Here are some of this week’s arts and culture stories from public broadcasting stations around the nation.

Rob Schwimmer, one of the world’s few professional theremin players, talks about the strange instrument known for the eerie sound it emits and being one of the first electronic instruments on Colorado Public Radio|An_Unusual_Instrument_.


Artist Brooke Hunter-Lombardi lets her 10-year-old son inspire her work, which she tries to make accessible to all ages, from Columbus, Ohio’s WOSU.


A group of British performers at the abandoned McKittrick Hotel in Manhattan is offering a new way to experience “Macbeth.” The performance piece, “Sleep no More,” is a nightly haunting of the hotel’s five floors based on the Shakespearean mystery. Read a blog post from Need to Know about the performance.


A group of Tucson artists is putting together a program of performance and video art called “Arizona Between Nosotros.” It brings artists from Mexico to Arizona for a cross-cultural dialogue, according to Arizona Public Media.

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