Around the Nation


Here are four arts and culture videos from public broadcasting partners around the nation.

From Art21, a profile of artist Erin Shirreff, who discusses her recent video work, “Lake.”
“Working from a photograph of Lake Okanagan (the area she grew up in British Columbia, Canada) that she found in an early 1980’s tourist magazine, Shirreff builds ‘Lake’ from a single found image. Shirreff’s process is an unexpected mixture of digital and analog technique: in Photoshop, she creates a series of color variations based on the original source picture but then re-photographs those variations–using intentionally distorting lighting techniques–to create thousands of ‘secondary’ images.”

Idea Channel asks, “How are Justin Bieber, Franz Liszt and Jerusalem Connected?”
“At first glance, Pop Wunderkind Justin Bieber and revolutionary 19th Century pianist and composer Franz Liszt don’t seem to have anything in common. And while they might not have any musical or biographical similarities, they both have had a powerful psychological effect on their fans. Fits of hysteria, screaming, and fainting are all common traits of ‘Bieber Fever’ & ‘Lisztomania.’ But why?”

Watch How are Justin Bieber, Franz Liszt and Jerusalem Connected? on PBS. See more from Idea Channel.

From KPBS’ “Evening Edition”: “Ghosts may come out on Halloween, but if you want to know where they live year-round, consider our local theaters. KPBS arts reporter Angela Carone goes ghost hunting on San Diego’s stages.”

Did you miss the airing of the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize honoring Ellen DeGeneres? Well, here it is:

Watch Ellen DeGeneres: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize on PBS. See more from Mark Twain Prize.