Around the Nation Roundup

BY Lea Winerman  March 10, 2010 at 5:07 PM EDT

Here’s a selection of art and culture reports from local public broadcasting stations and national producers:

Lou Reed- Former Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed takes his camera above ground in a new exhibit of his landscape photography at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art. KERA talked to Reed about his photos and their unintentional, but striking resemblance to German romanticist painting.

- NPR’s Monkey See blog picks up on a story from the LA Times about a new Disney marketing strategy to win back boys because it’s convinced that they won’t go to a movie whose title indicates it’s about a princess. Blogger Linda Holmes (mother of three boys) argues that Disney is underestimating its young male viewers and insulting the girls.

- WNET’s SundayArts talks to William Kentridge about his design work for the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of “The Nose” and a major retrospective of his work at the MoMA.

- SXSW kicks off in Austin next week. To get you excited, NPR Music has lots of goodies, including a list of 100 of the best songs by the artists appearing there this year, plus a free 11-track playlist.