Coming Soon to PBS, the History of Art Across Time, Continents and Cultures



From “Art Through Time” (Clockwise from top left): HYENA, a work by Angelo Filomeno, featured in Death (episode 6), Courtesy the artist; PINK AND BLUE CAR, a work by Sandy Skoglund, featured in Dreams and Visions (episode 2), Courtesy the artist; detail of tapestry depicting Hindu god, Yama, featured in Cosmology and Belief (episode 5), Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art;; detail of rug featured in Converging Cultures (episode 1), Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Starting Sunday on PBS, a new 13-part educational series for high school and college students explores some of the most commonly recurring themes that come up again and again across the history (and contemporary practice) of art.

“Art Through Time”, a new production from THIRTEEN, tries to isolate some of the universal concepts addressed through human creativity and brings them up to the current day, going into working artists’ studios to see how those ideas are being worked out in our current age.

You can find more resources and watch the whole series online here.