The Tuesday Cutline…a Winner!


This week’s contest took us — and Santa — on a merry ride. Before we announce the winner, here’s the original caption for the photo taken by Jonathan Nackstrand for AFP/Getty Images:

“The Sami Santa Claus ‘Pitetomten’ competes in the ‘Reindeer’-ride event during the Santa Clause Winter Games in Gallivare, above the polar circle in northern Sweden on November 17, 2012. Santas from all over the world gather this weekend for the Santa Claus Winter Games where they will practice ‘Reindeer’-ride, Porridge-eating, Santa-Karaoke, Kicksled Sack Race and Santas Christmas-eve.”

We received several witty captions, including many that suggested Santa start dieting. But our Tuesday Cutline winner focused on the missing fleet of reindeer. Congratulations, Justin Paglino! You’ll be receiving a NewsHour mug for your winning caption:

“A disappointed crowd watches an enraged Santa fail to get a red-nosed bull to fly on the 5th day of a reindeer union strike.”

Thank you all for playing along. Join us next week for another Tuesday Cutline.

About the Tuesday Cutline: Every other Tuesday, we post a photo. You compose a witty/funny/creative caption, submit it by Friday at 5 p.m. ET in the comments section or on the NewsHour’s or Art Beat’s pages. The following Tuesday we pick one winner. Everyone celebrates.