Morgan Till

Morgan Till is the Senior Producer for Foreign Affairs and Defense (Foreign Editor) at the PBS NewsHour, a position he has held since late 2015. He was for many years the lead foreign affairs producer for the program, traveling frequently to report on war, revolution, natural disasters and overseas politics. During his seven years in that position he reported from – among other places - Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Haiti, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and widely throughout Europe.

Among his assignments: reporting from Israel and Palestine amid the second Intifada; from Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution; covering the Ukrainian uprising and subsequent Russian invasion of Crimea; the drug war in Mexico; from the Demilitarized Zone between South Korean and the DPRK; and following a journalist walking around the world as he made his way through the Southern Caucusus mountains of Georgia.

Till came to PBS NewsHour in 1998 from CBS News in New York, where he worked on the “Sunday Morning” and Weekend News broadcasts. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he studied Spanish and Latin American literature. He has won many awards through his two decades in television news, including the 2016 George Foster Peabody award for his work with a team of NewsHour journalists on the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe.

In his spare time, he tends to his dogs, and to his family horse farm in the Virginia Piedmont.

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