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Other News: Bomb Kills 35 as Pakistan Violence Continues

November 2, 2009 at 6:17 PM EDT
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In other news, a suicide bombing in Pakistan killed 35 people, and Secretary of State Clinton was criticized by Arab states for her talks with Israel.

GWEN IFILL: In other news today, at least 35 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Pakistan. It happened in the city of Rawalpindi, near the Pakistani army’s headquarters. The explosion targeted military personnel and civilians. Dozens of people were wounded. Hours later, to the east, a suicide car bomb went off in Lahore, wounding seven police officers at a checkpoint.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew strong criticism from Arab states today. They accused her of giving in to Israeli moves to expand Jewish settlements in Palestinian areas. On Saturday, in Jerusalem, Clinton praised an Israeli offer to curb the construction, but not to impose an outright freeze. Today, during a stop in Marrakech, Morocco, Clinton responded to Arab leaders who accuse the U.S. of softening its position.

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, U.S. Secretary of State: This offer falls far short of what we would characterize as our position or what our preference would be. But, if it is acted upon, it will be an unprecedented restriction on settlements and would have a significant and meaningful effect on restraining their growth.

GWEN IFILL: Clinton also extended her overseas trip by one more day to fly to Egypt. She will meet with President Hosni Mubarak, in part to ease concerns over U.S. policy on the Israeli settlements.

Ford Motor Co. posted a profit of nearly $1 billion for the year’s third quarter. It was led by the company’s domestic operations. They showed a profit for the first time since 2005. Ford was the only major Detroit automaker that didn’t take federal rescue funds.

On Wall Street today, the Ford announcement helped the company’s stock to a small advance. And, on the broader market, the Dow Jones industrial average gained 76 points, to close at 9789. The Nasdaq rose four points, to close at 2049.

Two deaths are now linked to ground beef contaminated with E. coli bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control reported today at least 16 other people have been hospitalized. Over the weekend, Fairbank Farms of New York State recalled the meat. It was distributed in September to at least eight states on the East Coast.

The daily commute got a lot easier for drivers in Northern California today, as the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland reopened. A police escort led the first wave of traffic across the span. Safety engineers had ordered it shut down last Tuesday, after support rods failed, sending 5,000 pounds of metal onto the highway during evening rush hour. The six-day closure was longer than expected, but state officials said the bridge has now passed with flying colors.

The Navy’s newest assault ship sailed into New York City today as a kind of seagoing memorial to the 9/11 attacks. The USS New York was built partly with 7.5 tons of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center site. Crowds lined the shore near Ground Zero as the ship paused for a 21-gun salute. The vessel will be officially commissioned on Saturday.