British Singing Hopeful Becomes Internet Sensation

April 16, 2009 at 6:50 PM EDT

JUDY WOODRUFF: Finally tonight, a story that has circled the globe via YouTube at breakneck speed. It features a Scottish competitor who appeared recently on the show “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Phil Reay-Smith of Independent Television News updates what’s happened to her.

SIMON COWELL, Judge, “Britain’s Got Talent”: How old are you, Susan?

SUSAN BOYLE, Singer: I am 47. And that’s just one side of me.

PHIL REAY-SMITH: Nothing about her suggested she was one performance away from worldwide fame.

SUSAN BOYLE (singing): I dreamed a dream in time gone by…

PHIL REAY-SMITH: … but Susan Boyle’s life changed when she opened her mouth.

SUSAN BOYLE (singing): When hope was high and life worth living…

HOST: You didn’t expect that, did you? Did you? No.

SUSAN BOYLE (singing): I dreamed that love would never die…

PHIL REAY-SMITH: As of this evening, the unemployed church singer from Blackburn’s performance has been viewed online more than 20 million times.

SUSAN BOYLE: I’ll say it’s mental, right?

JOURNALIST: So you’re quite a star.

SUSAN BOYLE: Oh, well, all I can say is thank you.

PHIL REAY-SMITH: Despite her modesty, she’s having to adjust to being a celebrity.

SUSAN BOYLE: Lots of fun being on the — I’ve got a lot of support from the neighborhood in general. They’re very supportive, especially my family. I’m blessed with a good family.

JOURNALIST: And what do they all think about it, then?

SUSAN BOYLE: They think it’s great. They think it’s magic.

PHIL REAY-SMITH: And despite the judges’ initial reservations about her appearance, there will be no makeover.

HOST: Look at that!

AMANDA HOLDEN, Judge, “Britain’s Got Talent”: I honestly think it spoils people if you give them a big, old makeover, and it’s best that they do it, if — you know, if and when they win or if something else happens to them after the show. But I think we’ll keep her as she is for now so she doesn’t have the added pressure of worrying about what she looks like.

PHIL REAY-SMITH: And she’s achieved all this before even making it into the second round.

SIMON COWELL: It’s three yeses.