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News Wrap: Tensions Run High in Haiti Amid Election Recount

December 10, 2010 at 5:56 PM EDT

HARI SREENIVASAN: Tensions ran high in Haiti today, as officials checked vote tallies from the disputed presidential election.

Police were out in force in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere, trying to prevent new violence. People lined up to get gas, food, water and other necessities after three days of rioting. Bulldozers cleared barricades to reopen streets. The unrest has prompted the U.S. to issue a travel warning to Americans. Flights in and out of Port-au-Prince have been halted as well.

In Cancun, Mexico, world climate talks ground toward a close without any signs of major progress. Developed and developing nations could not agree over future cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. Mexican officials extended the two-week-old negotiations into Saturday, in hopes of reaching a deal on smaller steps.

Three current and former police officers in New Orleans now face sentencing in a killing and cover-up after Hurricane Katrina. The victim, Henry Glover, was shot dead outside a strip mall. His body was later burned in a car and left on a levee. Last night, a federal jury convicted a former officer of manslaughter. Another defendant was convicted of burning the body, and a third of writing a false report.

JIM LETTEN, U.S. attorney: This is a case that needed to be brought to light, and cases like it. It is transparency and accountability that will continue to make sure that the citizens are protected by the people who serve them, who are sworn to protect them, including all of us, and all of our individuals in law enforcement.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Two other officers were acquitted of all charges. A total of 20 current or former New Orleans police officers have been charged in a series of federal civil rights investigations. This was the first case to go to trial.

Two top members of the Obama administration were hospitalized today. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had a minor surgical procedure to get rid of a kidney stone. And Richard Holbrooke, the special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, fell ill at the State Department. He was undergoing evaluations.

Wall Street finished out the week with modest gains. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 40 points to close at 11410. The Nasdaq rose more than 20 points to close at 2637. For the week, the Dow gained more than 1 percent; the Nasdaq rose nearly 2 percent.

Those are some of the day’s major stories.