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Margaret Warner Previews Reports From Russia

June 29, 2009 at 6:55 PM EDT
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Ahead of President Obama's visit to Moscow next month, Margaret Warner previews her upcoming reports on changes in the political and economic landscape there.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Finally tonight, a brief preview of Margaret Warner’s reports later this week. She told me about them earlier today from Russia.

MARGARET WARNER: Well, Judy, I’ve been here about 10 days, and we’re going to present a series of reports leading up to the summit to give people a flavor of what Russia is like today.

Tomorrow, we’re going to look at President Medvedev and how different or independent he is from the Russian president, previous one that most Americans know, President Putin.

We’ll also look at how Russia is weathering the economic crisis after the incredible growth it had during the boom years of the oil and gas boom.

And we’ll look at the health and well-being of the Russian people.

And finally, Friday, we’re scheduled to have an interview with Foreign Minister Lavrov for Russia’s take on the summit.