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News Wrap: Obama, McChrystal Discuss Afghan Strategy

October 9, 2009 at 12:00 AM EDT
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In other news, Obama met with General McChrystal to discuss strategies for Afghanistan, and a suicide bombing in Pakistan killed at least 49 people.

JIM LEHRER: In other news today, hours after receiving the Peace Prize, President Obama held another strategy session on the war in Afghanistan. It was widely reported the overall commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, has presented several options. They range from ordering no major changes, to sending as many as 60,000 additional troops.

In Afghanistan, U.S. forces pulled out of a remote base near Pakistan. It had been planned before a Taliban attack killed eight Americans last weekend.

Across the border, at least 49 people were killed in a suicide car bombing in Northwest Pakistan. A car blew up near a busy market, and the force of the explosion flipped a bus on its side. The blast wounded at least 100 people and left twisted wreckage.

Police in France have arrested a scientist at a top nuclear research lab for alleged ties to al-Qaida. The man was an Algerian working at the site of the world’s largest atom-smasher. The underground complex is designed to recreate conditions from the origin of the universe. The operators of the site said the scientist had no contact with anything that could be used in a terror plot.

On Wall Street today, stocks wrapped up their best week in two months. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 78 points, to close near 9865, a new high for the year. The Nasdaq rose 15 points, to close at 2139. For the week, the Dow gained 4 percent, the Nasdaq 4.5 percent.