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Mosley Braun Drops Out

January 15, 2004 at 12:00 AM EDT


JIM LEHRER: The Democratic nomination race, four days before the Iowa caucuses. First, Carol Moseley Braun dropped out and endorsed Howard Dean. She made the announcement at an appearance with Dean in Carroll, Iowa, this afternoon.

CAROL MOSELEY BRAUN: I am here today to thank those Iowans who were prepared to stand for me in Monday’s caucuses and ask that you stand instead for Howard Dean. (Applause)

Your support is precious to me, and so I make this recommendation with the most sincerity and thought I have ever brought to any decision.

Governor Dean has the energy to inspire the American people, to break the cocoon of fear that envelopes us and empowers President Bush and his entourage from the extreme right wing. And he has a program to put our country back on track to tax fairness, job creation, balanced budgets, and an economy that works for everyone regardless of race or sex. (Applause)

He has the experience to know that state and local and national governments have to cooperate and collaborate and end the destructive game of monetary musical chairs that creates unfunded mandates and failing schools.

He understands that the real war on terrorism starts with putting the domestic security of the American people first.

He can, as they say, work well with others, around the world, and craft a foreign policy that is neither arrogant nor preemptive, but that begins with respect and builds on alliances. I ask that you share my view that Governor Dean is the candidate best equipped to continue the progress we need to have to bring Americans together, to renew our country and restore our privacy, our liberty, and our economic security.

His leadership will help us live up to our generational responsibility, and so I am happy to support him and hope that you will stand for him with the conviction and courage with which you would have stood for me.

HOWARD DEAN: Carol Moseley Braun’s right about one thing she just said, the most important thing she just said is that you can only change America if you put yourself on the line, put yourself out there. And because of what you have done in this campaign, I very much hope the day when we will have a woman president, or a president who’s an African American step up and take the oath on Jan. 20.

Thank you for what you have done. This country is better off because she stood for what she believed in. If you are not willing to put yourself out there and take risks, this country can never improve.

If you are not willing to say what you believe and what your vision is, you can never reach your vision. This can’t be a change in small incremental steps. We hope somehow to improve the special interests.

We’ve got to take them on directly, and that is what I’m asking you to do on Jan. 19, stand up, take on the special interests, take on Washington. In 1992, Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” This time, it’s the people, stupid. Washington’s going to change, and we’re going to change it. Thank you very much.