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Pat Buchanan on the Stump

February 29, 1996 at 12:00 AM EDT


PATRICK BUCHANAN, Republican Presidential Candidate: (Marietta, Georgia – Tuesday) It is our country, my friends. We are the true sons and daughters of the founding fathers and we are coming to take repossession of our father’s house! (cheers and applause)

You know, they ask me, what is the objective of your campaign, Pat, and I say, we’re going to restore the constitutional republic the Founding Fathers dreamed of! What have they done? What are they doing to this monstrous Department of Education? I mean, 35, what, 35 billion dollars a year, they got these characters up there in sandals and beads trying to tell us how to educate America’s children! I’ll tell you–you know, Ronald Reagan, when he came into that office, he said he was going to shut down the Department of Education. He didn’t do it. But you tell the gipper, I’m going to finish the job for him.(cheers and applause)

Mr. President, Ronald Reagan is 85 years old, Mr. President, when we get there, no more Goals 2000, no more outcome-based education, shut down the–(applause and cheers)–U.S. Department of Education! Give the money back to the people! (cheers)

My friends, we have a great movement and a great cause here and larger than any man. It is larger than me. It is what you are about. It is what our country is about. People want to take back America! We know they’ve gotten too–both parties up there have gotten away from them, both parties have been selling out the workers of this country, both parties have been hauling, hauling water for Wall Street, hauling water for those big corporations that shut down factories here, ship the jobs overseas. We’ve got to become one nation, one people under God again. (cheers)

And we’re going to do it, I tell you. And we’re winning. We’re winning. You know, Bob Dole, they all think–they are, they are all going, they are having a hissy-fit up there in Washington. They are unhappy in Washington tonight! They heard, they heard the noise in Alaska, and they said, well, what happened up there, and they said, Buchanan won up there, and then we came out of Louisiana and the Bayou, and they were stunned!

Then we got three points from Bob Dole up there in Iowa. They said Buchanan’s–then we won New Hampshire, and they are going wild up there in Washington right now. They’re unsettled. Bob Dole said he’s nervous. He said, I think Pat’s an extremist, and I said, listen, Bob, how can I be an extremist, when you’re stealing all my ideas and parroting my rhetoric? (applause)

Bob Dole gave a speech, Bob gave a speech the other day, he said, listen to this, I don’t like this garbage that’s in the movies. You know, Bob hasn’t seen a movie in 30 years. (laughter)

The last one he went to was the “Sound of Music.” But he’s all talk about the cultural war for the soul of America. I told him, if he keeps it up, I’m going to get him for copyright violation. And how about Bill Clinton? You know, look at– somebody heard that State of the Union–that fellow, Imus in the morning fellow, he said, that was a great State of the Union, I think Pat Buchanan wrote that. It was Clinton.

Here’s a guy trying to grab the entire health care system with the help of Hillary, and he’s there in the State of the Union, the era of big government is over. 1996, Clinton’s running against the guy that’s President in 1994. A year later–we’re going to do something about illegal immigration, Clinton says. Clinton, the guy’s shameless. We got prayer back in the public schools. Let me tell you, you all wait, you wait, two or three weeks, Clinton will come sauntering in to one of those National Rifle Association meetings. (applause)

He’ll be all–he’ll be dressed up in those camouflage, combat camouflage outfit and fatigue hats and you know holding up an AK-47, saying, don’t try to take my firearms away from me. This guy is shameless! Bill Clinton, you know what he says, he says the White House says and Mr. Clinton says there’s nobody I’d like to run better against that Pat Buchanan. Let me tell you something, Mr. President. There’s nobody I’d enjoy better running against than you, sir! (cheers and applause) You know how —

CROWD SHOUTING: Go, Pat, go! Go, Pat, go! Go, Pat, go! Go, Pat, go! Go, Pat, go! Go, Pat, go! Go, Pat, go!

PATRICK BUCHANAN: You know how–let me tell you something.

CROWD STILL CHANTING: Go, Pat, go! Go, Pat, go! Go, Pat, go!

PATRICK BUCHANAN: You know how Bill Clinton will look at some fellow in an audience and get that hurt look on his face and say, I feel your pain. You give me the Republican nomination and he will feel the pain. (crowd cheering and applauding)

Thank you, my friends. What a magnificent reception down here. This country’s on fire. Georgia’s on fire. This country’s on fire! You know, four years ago we came down here out of New Hampshire, out in the snow, we didn’t know what to expect. And the wonderful people of Georgia took us to their hearts. We campaigned up and down this state.

We took that great bus tour all the way down nine cities to Fitzgerald and back up to Atlanta and Marietta right here, and I’ll tell you, we did as good as we could and we got 37 percent of the vote. I look at this crowd, I think we can do a little better than that. I think we’re going to carry Georgia! (crowd cheering)