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Morry Taylor in Iowa

February 8, 1996 at 12:00 AM EDT


MORRY TAYLOR, Republican Presidential Candidate: (Carroll, Iowa, January 29) All the men that are running are very fine, fine men. And if they were here, they would speak to you, and they would tell you of the vision that they have. They would tell you that big government is too big, they would tell you it’s got to be shrunk, and more’s got to come back to you, your taxes are too high, and they’ll go on and on and on. And I think it’s all nice. There’s only one thing that none of them will ever tell you, exactly how they’re going to go about it. And you see the fiasco in Washington.

Well, I come from a different perspective from them. I, I come from the side that’s going to tell you right up front what you have to do if you want it fixed. There’s only one way to do it. You have to step up, you have to take one third of the bureaucrats starting at $143,000, down to $50,000, and you got to take ’em out. Now, for the shock of anyone, that’s one million federal workers taking out of that range. And trust me they would not–you would never notice it either. In fact, the only way you would notice it is things will get better. And if you think about it, you think about November when the President, the great Democrat, he laid off 800,000 and it really didn’t affect a lot of people, but the 800,000 he laid off a lot of them were the park rangers and as they called them, non-essential, but that still left 2.2 million left. The difference between my style and their style is No. 1, I take ’em off at the top. I don’t touch the bottom. Never have in any of my business acquisitions, never have I cut any hourly worker, not so at the top. I’ve always started at the top. And what does that get you? That saves you $65 billion now. You pick up $130 billion in administrative. That’s $195 billion. That gives you a budget surplus of $30 billion, and you haven’t cut a program.

Now, are there a lot of things to cut? Sure. But then you have to turn around and you have to have Congress’s approval for that, and that’s where you’re going to get your tax, to get more to you and less to them, and that’s the first thing. The second thing, and for you who worry about the million that just got the place, I told you that it was $30 million in savings. I’ll take–$30 billion–I’ll take $25 billion of it, and I’ll send ’em home and I’ll send ’em $25,000 a year until we can get ’em jobs. And how are we going to get ’em jobs? Of all the candidates running and all the talk, there’s only one who’s ever created jobs, good manufacturing jobs, and you got to have jobs that are going to pay 10 to $20 an hour, and we have to boom this economy, or you’re not going to get out of it. We have to get smart and get tough, and then once you’ve done that, you turn around and you come in with a fair, simple tax code.

The flat tax that everybody’s talking about, well, I don’t know how many of you in this room are debt-free and got a lot of millions, because if you are, it’s a great plan. Under Forbes’s plan I make out like a big bandino. I won’t have to pay any tax. I sold $15 million in stock to get into this thing, and I paid about $5 million in tax. Under Forbes’s plan, I wouldn’t pay a penny. He exempts way on the bottom and he exempts at the top. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going to happen to you. It’ll just be bid right up. You got to do something everybody looks at in this country that’s fair–zero to $20,000, 2 percent–that’s 400 bucks on 20 grand. Let everybody pay. If they’re on welfare, give ’em the 2 percent on January 1st, but they got to pay it the same as we take it from people to help them. Every thousand dollars you make over twenty grand up to thirty-five, each thousand above it, we take 10 percent. But once you get to $35,000, 17, which is a max, so all of those who pay capital gains and everything else, wherever you fall in that range is where it’ll be, so capital gains really gets reduced from 28 down to 17. One deduction. That one deduction will be for your, your home mortgage interest, and if you’re a renter we’ll give you 10 percent of your rent up to a max of $2500.

I’d like to caution you all since I got into this thing and got to know everybody that’s in it, it almost makes it scary. And the only thing that you can turn around and tell people is you tell ’em this: You’re all intelligent, this country is in trouble, and a lot of other people are going to suffer, and everybody better wake up and see exactly what’s going on. And talk is cheap. I’ve been a doer most of my life. My nickname is the “Griz.” And I got that from Wall Street, a little old country boy like myself, and the reason they gave me that nickname is one guy stood up and said, “Like the American Grizzly Bear, he wears–Taylor wears no man’s collar.” I put my own cash up to give you a choice, and I don’t want a salary, so you give half to the Boy Scouts, half to the Girl Scouts, no pension for the presidency. You shouldn’t be paying Congressmen pensions or you shouldn’t be paying Senators pensions. Have you ever seen a shortage, ever a shortage running for office? It’s not like no one wanted the job.

I am different, and I only promise you one thing, and I don’t promise things–I’m not all the other candidates, if they’re here, they want you to love ’em, I only want my wife to love me. I don’t want you to love me. The only thing I want is that if I was elected to go do the job, and I look at the presidency as a job, is that if I go do the job and I get it done, I’ve earned your respect, because that’s all I say and the same of my business. I don’t look for employees to love me, but I sure in the heck want their respect, that I do what I say I’m going to do, so I’ll balance that budget, put the management there, and I will boom this economy with jobs, good paying jobs.