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Other News: Iraqi Election Postponed One Month

December 2, 2009 at 12:00 AM EDT
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In other news, the United Nations reported that Iraq will delay its national elections by one more month, and China, India, Brazil and South Africa refused to cut carbon emissions by 2050.

JUDY WOODRUFF: In other news today: A top U.N. official in Iraq said elections will have to be delayed by more than a month. The voting had been set for January, but Iraqi lawmakers have not agreed on reforming the election process.

Four major developing countries have rejected a key target for addressing climate change. The Reuters News Agency reported today China, India, Brazil and South Africa refused to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050. And the Australian senate today defeated a bill to implement a carbon trading system. A global climate summit opens Monday in Copenhagen, Denmark.

On Wall Street, a slide in oil and bank stocks kept the market in check. The Dow Jones industrial average lost almost 19 points, to close at 10,452. The Nasdaq rose nine points, to close at 2,185. Also today, Bank of America announced that it will repay all of the $45 billion it took in federal rescue funds.

For the record, Bank of America is an underwriter of the NewsHour.

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide a battle over beachfront property rights. The case argued today came from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Six homeowners demanded compensation after their beachfront was widened to stop erosion. The new sand was designated as public property.

The mayor’s race in Atlanta remained officially too close to call today, after Tuesday’s runoff. Former Georgia State Senator Kasim Reed led by 620 votes over City Councilwoman Mary Norwood. She’s trying to become the city’s first white mayor in more than 30 years. Norwood said she will ask for a recount, but Reed claimed victory.

KASIM REED: Every day of work, every day of struggle, every door I knocked on, every mile I walked, every person I saw, I had a message of hope. I had a message of opportunity. And I had a record of delivering concrete results.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Election officials said that absentee ballots will be counted tomorrow.

The Army officer accused in the Fort Hood shootings was charged today with 32 counts of attempted murder. Major Nidal Hasan was already accused of murdering 13 people in the massacre last month. The new counts cover the 30 soldiers and two civilian police officers who were wounded.

The Tiger Woods story has taken a new turn. The golfing star made a public apology to his wife and family today, after new reports he’s had affairs with other women.

In a statement, he said — quote — “I have let my family down. And I regret those transgressions with all of my heart.”

The focus on Woods’ personal life intensified when he crashed his car outside his Florida home last Friday.

The state senate in New York voted today not to allow gay marriage. Governor David Paterson had pushed the measure, but it fell 12 votes short. The action came a day after the Washington, D.C. City Council gave initial approval to allowing same-sex marriage.