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News Wrap: Bombings Kill Dozens in Pakistan

July 9, 2010 at 12:00 AM EDT

HARI SREENIVASAN: Twin suicide bombings in Northwest Pakistan today
killed at least 62 people. More than 110 others were wounded. The bombers
targeted a government office where in the Mohmand region where tribal elders
were meeting. None of them was hurt, but as many as 80 nearby shops were

Oil spill workers in the Gulf prepared today to install a new, tighter
containment cap over the weekend. On Saturday, undersea robot like these will
begin work. The goal is to get the new cap in place by Monday.

But retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen warned today oil will gush
freely for a time once the old cap comes off.

ADMIRAL THAD ALLEN (RET.), national incident commander: We could, at
the earliest, start removing the current capping device that is on the wellbore
some time tomorrow. That will be followed by a period where there would be no
capping device, but there would be a multiday period there while we are putting
the new containment cap on where there would be some exposure of hydrocarbons
going into the environment.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Allen also said a new ship, the Helix Producer, will
start collecting oil from a different part of the well.

A white policeman charged with killing a black man in Oakland,
California, will face a federal civil rights probe. The Justice Department made
the announcement today. On Thursday, Officer Johannes Mehserle was convicted on a
state charge of involuntary manslaughter, but not murder.

The lesser verdict drew angry protests in Oakland that turned violent
last night. Crowd lit fires, ransacked stores, and threw garbage cans. Police
arrested more than 80 people.

Wall Street pushed higher for a fourth straight day. The Dow Jones
industrial average gained 59 points to close at 10198. The Nasdaq rose 21
points to close at 2196. For the week, the Dow and the Nasdaq gained 5 percent.

Shares of Google rose more than 2 percent on the news that China renewed
Google’s license to continue operating its search engine in the country. This
temporarily ends an impasse where the search engine began automatically
redirecting users in China to its Hong Kong site in order to circumvent Chinese
censorship. Google dropped that practice last week. It now offers users in
China an optional link to its Hong Kong service instead.

Those are some the day’s major stories — now back to Jim.