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Mayor Cory Booker Lays out Party Platform at the Democratic National Convention

September 4, 2012 at 12:00 AM EDT
Newark Mayor Cory Booker is the chair of the Democratic Platform for the 2012 Convention. In this excerpt of his speech on the Party platform, he said, "It's not about politics. It's about pragmatism." He touched upon predatory lending, taxes and fostering a "large and robust middle class."

CORY BOOKER (D), Mayor of Newark, New Jersey: Our platform is crafted by Democrats, but it is not about partisanship. It’s about pragmatism.

It’s not about left or right, but about moving America and our economy forward.


CORY BOOKER: Our platform and our president stands firm in the conviction that America must continue to out-build, out-innovate, and out-educate the world.


CORY BOOKER: You see, this platform is a clear choice between economic pathways, forward or back, inclusion or exclusion, grow together as a nation or be a country of savage disparities that favor the fortunate few over the greatest driving force of any economy, a large and robust middle class.


CORY BOOKER: We must choose forward. We must choose inclusion. We must choose growing together. We choose American might and American muscle, standing strong on the bedrock of the American ideal, a strong and empowered, an ever-expanding and ever-growing middle class.


CORY BOOKER: Our platform emphasizes that a vibrant, free, and fair market is essential to economic growth.

We also must pull from our highest ideals of justice and fairness to protect against those ills that destabilized our economy in recent years, like predatory lending, overleveraged financial institutions, and the unchecked avarice of the past that trumped fairness and common sense.

Our platform calls for significant cuts in federal spending. Our platform calls for a balanced deficit reduction plan, where everyone, everyone, from elected officials to the wealthy and the super wealthy, pay their fair share.