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It’s an Election Year, and We’re Listening

July 3, 2012 at 12:00 AM EDT
The NewsHour and other public media partners are gathering opinions about what matters most to people as the presidential election approaches. Find videos on the "Listen to Me" page on our website.

JEFFREY BROWN: Health care is not the only issue Americans are talking about this election cycle. In cooperation with our public media partners, the NewsHour is collecting opinions about what matters most to people for a project called Listen to Me.

So far, the number one issue, as you might expect, is the economy. Here are a few of the voices we have heard from around the country.

JOCELYN GEORGIEV, Mumford, New York: Making it easier for people to find jobs and, you know, feed their families, pay their bills, and not feel like, can I buy bread or do I have to buy shoes? Like, there shouldn’t be, like — you know, you shouldn’t have to think about that.

KEN MAYO, Tampa, Florida: I have seen so many people struggling. I talked to a few people today, in fact, that are unemployed. And it’s a serious issue. We have got to get jobs going in this country. The economic issues in this country are serious. We are bankrupt. We’re playing games.

And if we don’t get it straightened out fast, if we can get it straightened out at all, this country is in serious problems.

ALLEN MCCULLOUGH, St. Francisville, Louisiana: One of the main issues for me would be the fact that I would like to see the political machine straighten up and do what’s best for the people. We need more jobs in this country. And the political machine doesn’t seem to recognize this.

HEATHER HOMER, San Diego, California; The economy is the big issue. Unfortunately, either side doesn’t have a really good grasp on what is really needed for this country. And, you know, there’s not any good other candidates for a third party to really come and knock the main two out of the race. But — and that’s where we’re stuck.

JUDY WOODRUFF: We will be gathering opinions throughout the election cycle, and we will feature many of them during our coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions later this summer. You can find all the videos at the Listen to Me page on our Web site. That’s