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News Wrap: House Republicans Persist for ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ Records

August 13, 2012 at 12:00 AM EDT

HARI SREENIVASAN: Republicans in the U.S. House went to federal court today against Attorney General Eric Holder. They are trying to force Holder to release more records on Operation Fast and Furious, a bungled gun-tracking investigation in Arizona. The lawsuit asked the court to reject the president’s claim of executive privilege in the case.

Rebels in Syria claimed today they shot down a government warplane and captured its pilot. The rebels posted this video showing what they say is the aircraft erupting into flames, and then spiraling out of control over eastern Syria.

Later, they released this footage. It purportedly showed the captured pilot surrounded by armed men. The Syrian regime insisted the fighter plane went down because of technical problems, not enemy fire, and the pilot was forced to eject.

In Afghanistan, there was another incident of an Afghan policeman firing on coalition forces today. No one was killed this time, but at least seven Americans have been shot dead in the past week by men in Afghan uniforms. U.S. Ambassador James Cunningham called the attacks very troubling. He said U.S. and Afghan officials have a lot of work to do to find out what’s happening.

The death toll from this weekend’s twin earthquakes in northwest Iran now exceeds 300. The two quakes rocked several towns in east Azerbaijan province on Saturday. They had magnitudes of 6.4 and 6.3. The earthquakes leveled a dozen villages and caused considerable damage in 425 others. More than 3,000 people were injured. Rescue crews called off the search for survivors on Sunday.

A steady stream of athletes headed to London’s airports today after the two-week Summer Olympics came to an end. Last night’s closing ceremonies featured a procession of the athletes, followed by a celebration of British rock and pop music, past and present. And, finally, the Olympic Flame was extinguished to end the Games.

Today, London Mayor Boris Johnson said the future for all the Olympic sites was bright.

BORIS JOHNSON, mayor of London: London is more advanced than any previous host city in securing a legacy from the games. Six of the eight venues have a future. There are eight — have a future already assured. The other two, of course, as you know, are hotly contended for.

HARI SREENIVASAN: In all, the U.S. won 104 medals, 46 of them golds. That’s the most that American athletes have won in any games not hosted by the U.S. China came in second for overall medals in London, followed by Great Britain.

Wall Street never managed to get going today, amid new worries that growth across Asia is slowing. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 38 points to close at 13,169. The Nasdaq rose one point to close at 3,022.

Helen Gurley Brown, the long-time editor of “Cosmopolitan” magazine, has died. She passed away in New York today after a brief hospitalization. Brown first rose to popularity in 1962 after penning the advice book “Sex and the Single Girl.” “Hearst” magazine hired her three years later to revive “Cosmopolitan.” She served at its helm for 32 years, with a focus on empowering women and joining the sexual revolution. She stepped down as overall editor in 1997, but continued to run the magazine’s foreign editions. Helen Gurley Brown was 90 years old.

Those are some of the day’s major stories.