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Al Gore Accepts His Nomination at the Democratic National Convention

August 29, 1996 at 12:00 AM EDT


VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE:  Thank you very much. Want to see me do it again?

Ladies and gentlemen, with humility and gratitude for the confidence you have vested in me, with pride in all that we have accomplished together and with faith in America’s future under Bill Clinton’s leadership, I accept your nomination for another term as Vice President of the United States of America.

Tonight I will speak only briefly to thank the people who made this moment possible. First, to my wife Tipper, thank you for being everything to me. To our four children, Correna, Kristin, Sara and Albert, I am prouder of you than you could ever know.

To my mother and father, whose integrity and honor inspired me to public service, to my closest friend, my brother in law, Frank Hunger, to Tipper’s parents and family and to the many friends, our extended family who have brightened our lives, thank you.

Thank you also Mayor Rich Daley and thank you Chicago. Thank you for hosting this Convention so skillfully and warmly. For me personally and for my family, after this week, we know that the city of broad shoulders also has a boundless heart.

I think I speak for everyone gathered here when I say this Convention has been the greatest. Thank you for a week we will never forget.

Thank you, Chicago.

I want to thank the three talented public servants whose kind words nominated me for this office, Congressman Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts, a leader for today and a leader for tomorrow, Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell who just hosted the best Olympics ever. And my former aide and friend, the next U.S. Representative from the first district of California, Michela Alioto.

And finally, to President Clinton, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve our country. Working beside you is an inspiration. Tipper and I treasure our friendship with you and the First Lady.

During the next 11 weeks, President Clinton and I will be traveling the country taking our case to the American people.

So tonight, as I thank the Democratic Party, I also appeal to members of the Republican Party, the reform party, and independents to join us in this cause that claims our hearts.

Let us make this a positive campaign. The American people deserve no less. Tipper said it best Tuesday night when she reminded us that democracies depend for their strength on a civil society.

In a few moments, President Clinton will discuss some of his ideas for the next four years, his vision for taking the country across the threshold of a new century, indeed, the threshold of a new millennium. In the words of this hopeful man, you will hear what Americans believe with all their hearts, that our best days are ahead, and that if we summon the will, marshal our confidence and join in common cause under Bill Clinton’s leadership, we Americans will successfully cross the bridge to the future.

Thank you very much.