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Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Speaks at the GOP National Convention

August 13, 1996 at 12:00 AM EDT

KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON:  The great philosopher Yogi Berra once said “when you come to a fork in the road, take it.” America is at a fork in the road, and we do have a choice. President Clinton will take us down the road of the past – more government programs, higher taxes on hard working Americans – the wrong choice. Bob Dole and Jack Kemp will lead us in a new direction to a brighter, better America – a road to Hope – not just a small town in Arkansas – but a dream for all Americans.

Four years ago, President Clinton filled Americans with empty words whose meanings changed with the political winds. With Bob Dole character counts. His word is his bond.

Just last week, I dusted off the Clinton campaign promises of 1992: Candidate Clinton promised a balanced budget. Congress passed it. President Clinton vetoed it. Candidate Clinton promised a middle class tax cut. Congress passed it. President Clinton vetoed it. Candidate Clinton promised to restore ethics in government. President Clinton put a former bar bouncer in charge of confidential FBI files.

It’s time to elect a President who will keep Bill Clinton’s promises and that man is Bob Dole. But wait a minute – President Clinton promised a balanced budget – Congress sent him one – he vetoed it. I’m confused. What is Clinton’s true position on a balanced budget?

To understand what Bill Clinton’s going to do, I guess you have to know the code. His own advisor, George Stephanopoulos said it best. I quote: “This President has kept the promises he MEANT to keep.” What lesson should the American people learn from this Mr. President?

America: It’s time to wake up to President Clinton and his –

High – Taxing,

Free – Spending,


Social Security-taxing,

Health care-socializing,






F.B.I.- Abusing,


200-Dollar Hair-Cutting,



Bureaucracy- Trusting,





Medicare- Forsaking,

Property-Rights- Taking,

Job-Destroying friends.

And THAT’S just in the White House!

Isn’t four years of President Clinton long enough?

Isn’t it time to return America to the real world? In the real world, words mean the same thing every day. In the real world, our men and women in uniform need a commander in chief who will not let the United Nations make his decisions.

In the real world, we don’t want a village to raise a child – we want a family.

Bob Dole will take the fork in the road that leads us to a better future – one leading to lower taxes, balanced budgets, better jobs, safe neighborhoods, respect for the White House, and a brighter future for our children. When his country called – Bob Dole was there – ready to make the sacrifice. America is calling again.

It is time for a leader who will keep his promises. It is time for a leader who will bring back the values that built this country. It is time for a leader who loves America and will always be there to answer its call.

It is time for a President of the United States named Bob Dole.