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Veteran Journalist Ed Bradley Dies of Leukemia Complications at Age 65

November 9, 2006 at 6:10 PM EDT

JEFFREY BROWN: Ed Bradley was known as a great story teller. A man with his own style…and a wide range. He confronted the Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy Mcveigh in his only TV interview:

ED BRADLEY, CBS NEWS: So when they hear you think you didn’t get a fair trial, they think ‘So What?’

JEFFREY BROWN: He profiled cultural icons.


JEFFREY BROWN: A fixture on 60 Minutes for 26 years, he doggedly investigating corruption schemes. Bradley reported from Saigon in the early seventies, and was wounded while on assignment in Cambodia.

ED BRADLEY, CBS NEWS: Then all of a sudden I heard this terrific noise..

JEFFREY BROWN: In 1976 he became CBS’s first black White House reporter. But it was his 26 years on the hugely popular 60 Minutes for which he will be most remembered… And which earned him numerous honors, including 19 Emmy awards.

ED BRADLEY, CBS NEWS: (to Condoleezza Rice) You don’t think the Bush Administration underreacted against the threat of al-Qaida, it wasn’t an urgent threat. Was it?

JEFFREY BROWN: Bradley summarized his work at 60 Minutes in this way.

ED BRADLEY: I think people realize that what we do every week is tell a good story. We tell three good stories every week. I don’t believe that you need a lot of movement and graphics to tell a good story. You need some good story tellers.

JEFFREY BROWN: This afternoon, CBS President Sean McManus said this of a man known to friends as “Easy Ed:”

SEAN MCMANUS, CBS PRESIDENT: As outstanding a journalist as he was, Ed had some many other parts of his live… jazz… sports.. the time he spent with his wife and skiing, a very important part of his life. Multi-faceted, he poured himself into everything he did journalistically but still have an outstanding life outside CBS News.

JEFFREY BROWN: Bradley died of a disease called chronic lymphocytic leukemia last night in New York.

ED BRADLEY: If I arrive at the pearly gates and St. Peter says what did you do to deserve entry I’ll say, ‘Did you see my Lena Horn story?’