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Europe on Alert After Suspected Terror Plot Uncovered

September 29, 2010 at 6:18 PM EDT

JEFFREY BROWN: Now: New terror threats have governments around the world responding. We begin our coverage with a report from London from Angus Walker of Independent Television News.

ANGUS WALKER: Just 10 armed men managed to kill 164 people, terrorizing Mumbai for three days in November 2008. The attack targeted well-known buildings like the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. The militants were heavily armed and well-trained. They took hostages and got worldwide publicity.

For some time, MI5, based here if Central London, has been one of the Western intelligence agencies tracking a plot to carry out coordinated Mumbai-style attacks here in the U.K., France, and Germany. ITV News understands that David Cameron was shocked when he was told about the threat early in the summer.

This video claims to show German-born terrorist recruits training in Northern Pakistan. According to U.S. sources, a German suspect arrested in Kabul has been the source for much of the intelligence about the threat.

Twenty drone attacks aimed at al-Qaida commanders in the north of Pakistan so far this month have been aimed at killing those behind the plot. In Europe, there have been frequent recent security alerts, the Eiffel Tower evacuated twice in two weeks. And, here, plans have been drawn up to deal with specifically a Mumbai-style attack.