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Viewers respond to the 2014 State of the Union

January 29, 2014 at 6:30 PM EDT
What did the American public think of President Obama's 2014 State of the Union? NewsHour asked viewers to send in video responses. From thoughts on renewable energy to the minimum wage, health care reform to NSA data collection, we sample a few of your reactions.

GWEN IFILL: We wanted to get reaction to the president’s speech from outside Washington. So we asked viewers like you to submit YouTube videos and our public television stations to gather local opinions.

Here’s a sample:

BONNIE MCKINLAY, Oregon: I was hoping that he would take a powerful stand pushing for energy renewal — energy renewables and energy conversation and energy efficiency. So I was let down.

KENT MORLAN, Oklahoma: He doesn’t get mean enough with the opposition. He needs to basically take these issues and beat the snot out of the Republican Party with them, because the majority of the people want the minimum wage. They don’t like the great income disparity.

ARLEEN BEST, Philadelphia: I was hoping he would talk about Obamacare because there are so many glitches it, people having a hard time applying for health care. People have lost jobs and cannot get health care.

ROBERT RUBENSTEIN, Oklahoma: What I was hoping to hear was that the president was going to work with Congress to set some limits on the NSA’s collection of data. And he really didn’t do that.

KYLE POWELL, St. Louis: I latched on to him talking about using his executive power the way that Bush did and Clinton did before him to try to move around Congress.

I hope that he doesn’t have to go through with that threat — or that promise, I should say, but the fact that he did I’m hoping will spark Congress to actually want to work towards getting things done, as opposed to using their pride and their power and their position to stalemate each other.

GWEN IFILL: You can watch all of the responses on our Web site, where you’re still welcome to upload your own video.