Sea turtles
have inhabited Earth for
around 120 million years

Today all 7 species face an uncertain future

Kemp's Ridley
Critically Endangered
Critically Endangered
Critically Endangered
Olive Ridley
data deficient

Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge is a globally important area for sea turtles, especially loggerhead sea turtles


of U.S. loggerheads' nests

are in florida

1 in 4

of those nests

are within 20 miles

of Archie Carr

Learn more about their disappearing nesting areas

With rising sea levels, Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

and other nesting areas will be in peril

Rising sea levels, which lead to bigger tides and storm surges, are eroding beaches and washing out more and more sea turtle nests before eggs hatch

45% of nests were lost due to storm surge in 2011

Total nests and washouts on the five-mile stretch of Boca Raton

Total Nests
Lost Nests due to Washouts

Leatherback sea turtles

don't stop swimming

even when they sleep

One in 7,000

loggerhead eggs

survive to adulthood

Baby sea turtles have a variety of responses to predators

A sea turtle born today

may live to the year 2100.

By then much of

its nesting ground

could be underwater.

Sources: IUCN, National Marine Fisheries Service

Photo Credits: Aki Hummasti, NER Sea Turtle Stranding Network, Ben Ashmole, Paul Mannix, Thomas Shahan, Brian Gratwicke, Stacina, Reef Catchments