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Obama Administration Moves to Limit Girls’ Access to Emergency Contraception


The Obama administration is fighting a judge’s order that would allow girls of all ages prescription-free access to Plan B, a pill that drastically lowers…read more

I’ll Have the Test-Tube Burger, Please


Taste testers in London may soon sample their first in vitro burger – muscle tissue grown from animal cells in a laboratory. The sci-fi meal…read more

Obama Hopes Mapping Project Reveals Brain’s Mysteries


Published April 8, 2013 President Obama rolled out an ambitious new scientific research initiative to study the brain last week that he hopes will bring…read more

Is Gun Violence a Matter of Public Health?


After recent mass shootings, debate over gun violence has focused on law enforcement and crime. However, with 30,000 people dying each year from gun shots,…read more

The Science of Stress: How Well Do You Test?


How well a person handles competition and stressful test-taking environments can be traced to his or her biology and a certain gene called the COMT…read more

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