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With students taking home more work than ever before, and video games and energy drinks to keep them up at night, researchers worry that teens do not get enough sleep. Lack of rest can contribute to lower academic performance.

Test Tomorrow? Get Your Sleep


While increased study time unquestionably helps get better grades, when it comes at the expense of sleep it may be better to hit the pillow…read more

Bird flu began in Asia but quickly spread to more continents. This poster in Vietnam illustrates the risk associated with bird flu.

Bird Flu Researchers Balance Science With Bioterrorism Risks


The World Health Organization (WHO) and others are debating what to do about recent research on bird flu in which mutated viruses were exchanged between…read more


Review Highlights Unethical Moments in Medical Research History


U.S. government doctors intentionally infected prisoners in Guatemala with syphilis, disabled people in Connecticut with hepatitis and hospital patients in New York with cancer cells,…read more


Cholera Epidemic in Haiti Causes Havoc


On the island nation of Haiti, where 1.3 million people are living in tent cities following a catastrophic earthquake almost a year ago, an outbreak…read more

Young football players are especially at risk for head injuries, which have gotten increased attention since several NFL players suffered major concussions.

Head Injuries Raise Questions About Safety of Football


Rutgers player Eric LeGrand remains in an intensive care unit paralyzed from the neck down after a gruesome hit during a game against Army on…read more

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