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The massive flood of caustic red sludge in Hungary has killed nine people, displaced hundreds and damaged tens of millions of dollars in property. Above, a man trudges through the red sludge in Kolontar, Hungary.

Hungary’s Toxic Eco-Disaster Seen As Warning Signal


Earlier this month, villages in the European country of Hungary were flooded with bright red toxic sludge from a nearby industrial facility, and environmentalists warned…read more

Incoming students at the University of California-Berkeley were sent genetic testing kits so they could find out their tolerance for alcohol, lactose and folates. The project was modified significantly after the state of California intervened.

UC Berkeley Forced to Abandon Genetic Testing for New Students


Instead of assigning the usual summer reading to new students, the University of California-Berkeley tried something different this year by asking each incoming freshman and…read more

Ten years ago, scientists mapped the human genome in a feat that was called the most significant scientific discovery since evolution. Today, researchers continue to uncover secrets behind human DNA and how it functions.

The Human Genome Project, A Decade Later


Ten years ago, top scientists from around the world participating in the Human Genome Project declared that they had cracked almost the entire human genetic…read more


New Study Supports Abstinence-Focused Sexual Education


A new study shows that abstinence-focused sexual education programs encourage a significant number of people to delay sexual activity, perhaps preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually…read more


Fixing the Health Care System Tops President’s Agenda


America is home to some of the best doctors and medical facilities in the world, but the high cost of care and the inequity of…read more

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