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A gay pride and an American flag cross on the bag of a pro-gay marriage demonstrator in California at a protest against Proposition 8. After a long legal battle, the Supreme Court will make the final decision on whether "Prop 8" is constitutional.

Supreme Court Considers Same-Sex Marriage


In 2013, the Supreme Court will consider two new cases that may decide the future of gay marriage. The court has never before heard a…read more

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The oil industry is booming in places like Williston, N.D., bringing flocks of people to the area. For the first time since the 1960s, oil production in the U.S. has steadily risen since 2008.

What Will Energy Independence Mean For the U.S.?


Every election season there is much debate about America’s energy policies and the danger of relying on oil-rich countries for our energy supplies. Now, a…read more


New Lincoln Movie Humanizes a Presidential Superhero


Steven Spielberg’s new movie about Abraham Lincoln is heightening interest in a president who is often held up as a mirror reflecting different definitions of…read more

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Shooting Death of Teen Raises Questions About Florida Law


The death of a teenager in Florida and the lack of an arrest for the man who shot him has provoked passionate discussions around the…read more

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Filmmaker Explores Meaning of Black History Month


Every February, students across the country learn about the contributions and stories of African-Americans during Black History Month. This year, a new film called “More…read more

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