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Mega Wildfires Blamed on Changing Climate and Landscape


A raging wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona, killed 19 elite firefighters in one of the deadliest firefighting incidents in American history. There are fewer fires burning this…read more

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Rights


Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court issued two rulings on the ongoing debate over same-sex marriage. In a victory for gay rights activists, the Supreme Court…read more

Supreme Court Strikes Down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act


The Supreme Court issued a ruling today that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is no longer constitutional, overriding objections from civil…read more

Facebook and Twitter Crack Down on Hate Speech


After a string of consumer complaints and court cases, social media giants Facebook and Twitter are cracking down on hate speech broadcast through their platforms.…read more

Manning Case Challenges Definition of “Whistleblower”


The court martial for Army Pfc. Bradley Manning began on June 3 in Fort Meade, Md. Manning was arrested three years ago for leaking 700,000…read more

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