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Character Day resources


Thursday March 20, 2014 is official global Character Day. Use the resources below to help your students explore the idea of character and become inspired…read more

Social Issues

Active learning resources


Active learning is a great way to engage students and help them reach their fullest potential. Research supports the positive effects of physical activity on…read more

President Barack Obama makes a statement on the situation regarding the IRS in the East Room of the White House.

Obama Administration Faces Mounting Criticism


Over the past month President Barack Obama and his administration have been on damage control after Republicans and Democrats alike are demanding answers to several…read more

Government & Civics
Protesters in Cyprus rally against government plans to seize individual bank deposits.

Cyprus Bailout the Latest in Eurozone Woes


Published March 28, 2013 A solution was reached Monday, March 25, to avert a large-scale banking crisis that has overtaken the small island nation of…read more


New Pope is First Ever From South America


Not since Columbus sailed to the New World has the Catholic Church had a pope who was not from Europe. On Wednesday, the cardinals elected…read more


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